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comprehensive terminal/ssh for ipad/ios, with mosh support (
wynton marsalis on 12 essential jazz recordings (pocket)
wynton marsalis picks his top 50 jazz recordings (jazz blog)

great thread on remote onboarding new hires (twitter)
three jobs that retention programs overlook (hbr)
improve your strategic thinking (hbr)
beagle bros, nrol-39, etc stickers (vintagetechstickers)
underground black market chalk dealers in academia (cnn)
overview of keycap profile differences (keeblog)
transparent toilets in tokyo (nippon foundation)
image cloaking disrupts ml facial recognition (via crypto-gram)
fermi estimation, orders of magnitude, beirut/covid guessing (david epstein)
leather notebooks, pencil rolls, razor cases etc (inkit/etsy)
leather index card holder (etsy)
horween leather wallets etc (ashland chicago)
leather wallets, belts, watch straps (guarded goods)

JULY 2020
dutch oven bread (king arthur)
listening via observation of light bulb vibration (via crypto-gram)
why new hand sanitizers smell bad (wirecutter)
old terminal keyboard arcana w/ why unix uses ~ for $HOME mentioned in passing (dave cheney)
the three elements of trust (hbr)
promql query builder and learning aid (promlens)
historic memphis buildings and businesses (
sa mizu keycap group buy (cannon keys)

JUNE 2020
the origin of unix pipes (
extensive resource for AT&T long-lines tech and gear (
excellent vimrc example (github)
weird mods on mystery 737 (the drive)
long piece on Marcus Hutchins (kronos, wannacry) (@malwaretechblog) (via crypto-gram)

MAY 2020
noctilucent clouds intensifying in the arctic (spaceweather)
running dns-over-https with pihole (pihole)
os x command-line tool for reading cpu temp (github)
command-line utility for dispaying solar and lunar epherma (github)
promql (prometheus query language) cheat sheet, crash course (promql for humans)
install os x Catalina on older macs (dosdude1)

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