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JULY 2020
dutch oven bread (king arthur)
listening via observation of light bulb vibration (via crypto-gram)
why new hand sanitizers smell bad (wirecutter)
old terminal keyboard arcana w/ why unix uses ~ for $HOME mentioned in passing (dave cheney)
the three elements of trust (hbr)
promql query builder and learning aid (promlens)
historic memphis buildings and businesses (
sa mizu keycap group buy (cannon keys)

JUNE 2020
the origin of unix pipes (
extensive resource for AT&T long-lines tech and gear (
excellent vimrc example (github)
weird mods on mystery 737 (the drive)
long piece on Marcus Hutchins (kronos, wannacry) (@malwaretechblog) (via crypto-gram)

MAY 2020
noctilucent clouds intensifying in the arctic (spaceweather)
running dns-over-https with pihole (pihole)
os x command-line tool for reading cpu temp (github)
command-line utility for dispaying solar and lunar epherma (github)
promql (prometheus query language) cheat sheet, crash course (promql for humans)
install os x Catalina on older macs (dosdude1)

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