2007 College Football Week One Picks

152   W VA     -23      w michigan
154   VA TECH  -24      e carolina
165   miss     - 3.5    MEMPHIS
167   iowa     -10      N ILLINOIS
173   ga tech  + 3.5    NOTRE DAME
190   GEORGIA  - 9      oklahoma st
194   colorado - 3.5    colorado st
200   AUBURN   -13.5    kansas st
203   tenn     + 4      CAL
225   fsu      - 1.5    CLEMSON

And Gameday has jumped the shark AGAIN. You can’t say anything bad about them spending TWO HOURS at some crap-ass game nobody cares about, because if you do you obviously love terrorists and school shooters. I guess 90 minutes wasn’t enough time for all the retarded “human interest” stories, so now Gameday will be 1:50 of “my mom has cancer and my brother got hit by a car”, 9 minutes of Desmond Howard looking at a computer, and 1 minute of acutal football analysis. A lot to look forward to this year.

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