So I go to, but they don’t have a gigantor wall-sized Nick Saban icon for my altarpiece. So I rolled over to the Rasterbator and made my own.

I found this obvious photoshop (saban has only been on the sidelines with Alabama once, at the A-Day game, where he wore a suit). I’m 98% sure it’s Coach Fran’s body with Nick’s head from a Dolphins game, but whatever, it works.

After a little cleanup in GIMP, we get the chewy goodness essence:

Putting that through the Rastebator produces this gloriousness. KNEEL BEFORE SABAN!!!

If you want to start your own shrine, here’s the 2.6MB 30-page Nick Saban Fathead PDF.

I think my next rasterbator project will be Gordon Gekko:

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